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Friday, 29 April 2011


all these picture below was captured by using lomo camera by FARIQ AZWAN . pssst ..gamba baru cuci kn fariq ? hee :p. seriusly they are awesome ! terkejut fyy tgk gegambar ni semua fariq . im fucking lovin it! really credit to you . sorry last thursday i couldnt joined you to shoot . next time i would be there .PROMISE ! here they are :
the most i loved

what tha hellllll :p

bila masa fariq amek ni ? signboard tu perli fyy ke ? aha

the smartest art  from you  fariq . (:

sempat lagi kn nk amek gamba fyy dlm kereta (:

yeahh im in black (:
*thanks fariq . seriushit they are fucking awesome in your hands art . bila lagi nk berLOMO ?haha