judge me and i'll prove you wrong . screw me over and i'll do it to you twice as bad and my life is just being in the loneliness that deserves for me alot

Monday, 9 May 2011

such a HEAVEN friend

<==shes a good friend brings over me . even we're not closed , but im happy friending with her lately . shes matured than me . i admit it ok (: i am more speechless if we got some issues to talk to . oh no! shes a good lecturer wannabe . ahaks . yeah you has been APPROVED! (: many kind of conversation we're sharing together . *mengarot pn ada . jgn nk sengih WARDAH  , (: shesoo kind to me , if im ontheline in fb im searching her first *kt IM. hee. yeah there you go . PEEPS! tak tegor kita ke awk ? PEEPS ! dy reply . aha mcm tu la kalau kalau dy da mula berhubung .  when shes starting replied me a long sentence , matang dy da keluar , aha . aku pulak , ciput je la reply . 
*speechless la bingai .:p hee keep it up .

* kalau boleh i taknak hilang kwn sebaik you WARDAH ROSLEN . awk mmg baik kt kita (: